BPS Training Course Underway for Future Investigators

Monday, 14th November 2022 – Today, Monday 14th November 2022, the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) commenced a basic investigators training course at Police Headquarters in Prospect, Devonshire.

The two-week course, being conducted by BPS Inspector Derrick Golding and BPS Constable Ronald Taylor, comprises 14 BPS officers as well as two Customs Department officers.


Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons highlighted that ongoing training, including working with associated law enforcement partners, is important and provides tangible benefits.


“This type of training further develops our local talent.


This is the second investigators course this year, with a further two planned for 2023.


Consistent training helps us to keep pace with best practice and facilitates succession planning.


I am proud of the work our officers do – and appreciate the opportunity for joint training with our law enforcement partners whenever possible.”


<p>Training Course for Future Investigators</p>