Road Sobriety Checkpoints: Friday Night Until Early Saturday Morning

Sat, 2018-11-10

Road sobriety checkpoints conducted Friday night until early Saturday morning ended with 3 impaired drivers arrested.

Following initial and secondary field tests indicating impairment, two of the three drivers failed the alco-analyser test at Hamilton Police Station, while the third refused to take it.

A total of 8 motorists required initial and secondary field tests, with 5 being cleared after the results of the secondary field test.

Members of the public are urged not to drive or ride under the influence as road sobriety checkpoints continue tonight (Saturday, November 10th) and tomorrow night (Sunday November 11th) in Hamilton parish, Devonshire, Pembroke and Paget.

Feedback from motorists traveling through the road sobriety checkpoints Friday night into Saturday morning was mostly positive and the Bermuda Police Service appreciates the patience and cooperation of the motoring public while the road sobriety checkpoints are in operation.